By using high-resolution cameras and intelligent algorithms, SeekRight® Energy and Power monitors and analyzes energy consumption in real-time. Our system provides actionable insights, alerts, and recommendations to reduce waste, address inefficiencies, and improve operational efficiency. It can be integrated into various industries and energy sources, offering an easily accessible interface with customizable reports. With this product, SeekRight® aims to achieve significant energy savings and promote sustainability.

Case Studies

1. Challenge for Indian State Government

The energy and power management organization, Indian State Government, faced significant challenges in managing and maintaining an accurate inventory of its vast utility assets spread across a wide geographical area. The existing manual inventory management process was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked real-time visibility. Indian State Government needed a solution to streamline asset tracking, enhance operational efficiency, and reduce costly maintenance delays.

2. Solution

SeekRight® Energy & Power, a computer vision-based solution, was implemented to address Indian State Government's asset inventory management challenges. SeekRight® employed drone-based video recording, combined with advanced computer vision algorithms to detect, geo-fence, and map all utility assets.

To begin, high-resolution drones equipped with cameras were deployed to capture comprehensive video footage of the energy infrastructure and utility assets. SeekRight's intelligent algorithms analyzed the video data, identifying and extracting information about crucial assets such as transformers, power lines, substations, and other components.

Using computer vision technology, SeekRight® automatically tagged and geo-fenced each asset, creating a digital inventory that precisely mapped their location and attributes. The solution leveraged the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to continuously learn and improve asset recognition accuracy over time.

3. Result

The implementation of SeekRight® Energy & Power brought about transformative results for Indian State Government. Automation of the entire process of asset management reduced the time and effort needed for asset tracking, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Real-time visibility improved maintenance response and operational efficiency of the assets.

Asset identification accuracy improved, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Optimized maintenance schedules and reduced costly delays resulted in cost savings.

4. Conclusion

SeekRight® Energy & Power, with its computer vision-based asset inventory management solution, revolutionized the way Indian State Government managed their utility assets. By leveraging drone-based video recording, advanced algorithms, and geo-fencing capabilities, SeekRight® provided real-time visibility, accuracy, and efficiency to the client. The implementation of SeekRight® resulted in streamlined operations, improved maintenance planning, and cost savings for Indian State Government. This case study highlights the transformative potential of computer vision technology in enhancing asset management processes for energy and power management organizations.