SeekRight® Logistics, yet another innovative platform from us, aims at optimizing logistics operations using computer vision technology. It automates tasks such as inventory management and package tracking, improving efficiency and accuracy. The system's image recognition capabilities ensure accurate inventory levels and provide valuable insights for decision-making. It tracks goods throughout the logistics network, identifies bottlenecks, and enhances security. SeekRight® Logistics can seamlessly integrate with existing systems and offer a user-friendly interface therby assisting easy navigation. Overall, it streamlines supply chain management and drives success in the logistics industry.


  • Road Score
  • Route Risk Analysis
  • Available Road Amenities
  • Road Furniture/Assets Tracking
  • Route Planning

Case Studies

1. Challenge

In the fast-paced world of logistics, accurate route planning is crucial for ensuring timely deliveries, minimizing fuel consumption, and ensuring driver safety. However, an issue that plagues the logistics industry in India is the lack of up-to-date road infrastructure data that they require for route planning, asset management, and driver briefings. The constant construction and upgrades of highways, expressways, and rural roads pose a significant challenge for maintaining accurate road infrastructure data and logistics companies rely on databases that have not been updated in several years, causing a misalignment between the planned routes and actual road conditions.A significant illustration of the problem occurred when a driver from Linde company received a speeding fine. The company's records indicated that the route involved a two-lane highway with a specific speed limit. However, the road had been upgraded to a four-lane highway with a higher speed limit several years ago.

2. Solution

SeekRight's advanced Logistics management system can help to resolve the issues caused by unavailibility of updated data on road infrastructure. We can integrate real-time road data, captured and porcessed by our computer vision based AI cameras to the logistics management system, ensuring accurate route planning.

3. Result

SeekRight® Logistics management system can thus assist the clients to adapt to changing road conditions among other things, and this would enable them to avoid inefficient routes and reduce transit times and fuel consumption.

4. Conclusion

SeekRight® Logistics is a game-changer for the logistics industry, addressing various challenges it faces including outdated road data and offering a comprehensive solution that optimizes operations, increases route planning accuracy, and ensures success in a rapidly evolving logistics landscape.