SeekRight® Warehouse is a cutting-edge solution that utilizes computer vision technology to revolutionize warehouse maintenance. It employs intelligent image processing and high-resolution cameras to monitor various aspects of the warehouse in real-time. The key features include automatic detection of maintenance issues, real-time monitoring, inventory management, workflow optimization, reporting and analytics, and seamless integration with existing systems. SeekRight® Warehouse enables proactive maintenance, reduces downtime, cuts costs, and creates a safe and efficient working environment.


  • Inventory Tracking
  • SOP Tracking
  • Safety & Security
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Factory Automation Inspection
  • Vehicle/Asset Tracking
  • Quality Control

Case Studies

Talabyat Warehousing Solution

1. Challenge

Talabyat Warehousing Solution, a large-scale manufacturing facility faced challenges with factory automation, quality control, and inventory tracking. The manual processes in place were time-consuming, prone to errors, and lacked real-time visibility. The company sought an innovative solution that could leverage existing CCTV cameras in their warehouse to improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall operations.

2. Solution

The implementation of SeekRight® Warehouse, a state-of-the-art computer vision-based solution, helped the client to address their challenges. SeekRight® Warehouse utilized advanced algorithms and intelligent image processing techniques to analyze real-time video feed from the existing CCTV cameras. It automated factory processes, improved quality control, and enabled accurate inventory tracking.

3. Result

The results of the implementation of SeekRight® Warehouse at the manufacturing-cum-storage facility of Talabyat Warehousing Solution were enhanced efficiency, optimized workflows, and improved resource allocation. Our system ensured high-quality products, reduced the risk of complaints and recalls, and provided real-time visibility for proactive decision-making for our client. Real-Time monitoring of SOPs using AI also resulted in more employees wearing proper PPE kits and adhering to safety protocols.

4. Conclusion

By leveraging SeekRight® Warehouse, the manufacturing facility successfully transformed its factory automation, quality control, and inventory tracking processes. The computer vision technology used by SeekRight® improved efficiency, accuracy, and real-time visibility, resulting in streamlined operations, enhanced product quality, and optimized inventory management for our client. The case of Talabyat Warehousing Solution proves that SeekRight® Warehouse can enable its clients to stay competitive, meet customer demands effectively, and drive overall growth in the industry.