SeekRight® Rail specializes in computer vision solutions for railway maintenance, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our flagship product for railway maintenance offers automated track inspection using advanced algorithms to swiftly detect anomalies like cracks, damaged sleepers, misalignment and other issues leading to critical situations. SeekRight® Rail also excels in object detection and additional features which aim at reshaping the industry, enhancing safety and efficiency for rail operators worldwide.


  • Automated Track Inspection
  • Turn-Key Setup on existing maintenance push trolley/battery operated trolley
  • Asset Detection and Anomaly Generation using Computer Vision
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Broken/Fractured Rail Detection
  • Missing/Damaged Crossties
  • Skewed Track Detection
  • Railcrossing - Accident Prevention
  • Off-Track detection & analysis in Railway Station using AI

Case Studies

1. Challenge

The railway system maintained by Indian Railways is an essential mode of transportation for thousands of residents and plays a crucial role in the country's economy. However, regular maintenance and inspection of the railway tracks, signals, and infrastructure are necessary to ensure safe and efficient operations. Traditionally, manual inspections were conducted, which were time-consuming, labor-intensive, and prone to human error. The challenge faced by Indian Railways was finding an efficient and accurate solution to streamline the railway inspection process while reducing costs and enhancing safety.

2. Solution

SeekRight's computer vision-based automated railway inspection system provided effective solutions to the challenges faced by Indian Railways. High-resolution cameras installed by SeekRight® captured images of tracks, signals, and infrastructure, processed using computer vision and machine learning algorithms. Defects were detected, analyzed, and comprehensive reports were generated for maintenance planning.

3. Result

The computer vision system of SeekRight® increased the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of the Railway Maintenance System of the country. It reduced inspection time, improved defect detection, saved costs, and facilitated data-driven decision making for maintenance and resource allocation. Installation of Cameras was done on Inspection Push Trolleys instead of Rail Engineers conducting the survey manually. SeekRight's Rail Solution assisted the Engineers greatly in auto-identifying issues which could have been missed on routine manual surveys.

4. Conclusion

Indian Railways greatly appreciated the Railway Monitoring System of SeekRight®. The project showcased the potential for efficient, accurate, and safe inspection processes, benefitting both the railway system and the commuters. They are exploring all the features and modules provided by SeekRight® Rail and are seriously considering to adopt our AI based automated survey solution.