SeekRight® River is another groundbreaking product from SeekRight® that employs computer vision technology for providing river maintenance solutions. It offers intelligent river monitoring by analyzing imagery and videos captured from drones or aerial platforms, detecting factors like water quality, erosion patterns, and pollutants. The system also detects anomalies and alerts users about potential threats. SeekRight® River uses technologies like thermal cameras and LIDAR sensors to support the remote sensing capabilities of the product, reducing the need for manual data collection, and offers historical data analysis for trend identification. It has a user-friendly interface that integrates with existing systems and aids decision-making for preserving river health and sustainability.


  • Drone Cameras
  • Colour Based Detection
  • Use of Thermal Cameras
  • LIDAR for Depth Mapping
  • Real time IOT solution


Case Studies

1. Challenge

Coovam River, situated in a densely populated urban area of Greater Chennai Corporation, faced significant pollution challenges that threatened its ecological health. The traditional methods of manually monitoring and detecting pollution proved to be inefficient, time-consuming, and often lacked real-time data in the case of Coovam River. Inadequate monitoring, resource-intensive manual data collection, and delayed intervention were the key challenges for the maintenance of Coovam River.

2. Solution

SeekRight® river offered an effective solution for the challenges involved in the maintenance of a highly polluted river like Coovam. We deployed drones with high-resolution cameras for data collection, utilized advanced computer vision algorithms to detect pollution, and provided real-time monitoring with automatic alerts. Seekright's intelligent system could detect anomalies such as garbage, plastics, algae formations, vegetation overgrowth, chemical waste, broken and clogged drain connections etc. in the river.

3. Result

In the case of Coovam River, the deployment of SeekRight® River enabled early pollution detection, facilitated timely interventions to mitigate pollution impact, optimized resources through automated data collection, supported long-term planning based on historical data analysis, and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders.

4. Conclusion

The implementation of SeekRight® River revolutionized detection of pollution in the Coovam River, leading to improved pollution control and sustainable river management practices. The case of Coovam River proves that SeekRight® River holds immense potential for addressing environmental challenges and preserving the health of our vital water resources.